Bill Higgins,


Bill's first job was working on a farm and his second job was washing pots and pans at a restaurant in upstate New York. That just about says it all-he's been in the restaurant business ever since (he became a chef at age 17)-and he continues to enjoy close relationships with local farmers.

This first solo-endeavor is Bill's dream come true. After looking at spots throughout Northern California for over a year, he selected the up and coming West End Village of San Rafael as his new home-away-from-home. Bill and his wife Debra raised their children Theresa and Lukas in Fairfax, and consider Marin to be one of the best places in the world.

Bill's last gig was as Executive Chef of the two Cha Cha Cha restaurants in San Francisco. Prior to that, he worked with some of the great chefs of California, Masataka Kobayashi (Masa's) and Joachim Splichel (Patina Restaurant Group); and for some of the top restaurants in San Francisco (St. Tropez, Carmague and Masa's), in Los Angeles (Le Petite Chaya, Tramps of London and Max Au Triangle), and in Orlando (Dux at the Peabody Hotel).

According to Bill, "I'm a down-to-earth person and I'm not confined to my ego. I prepare food with integrity and passion, but mostly from the heart."

Chef Bill, Debra & Lukas Higgins